Samtaş Abrasive

With 48 years of experience

Turkey also occur in an industry pioneered the industry with 48 years of experience has made SAMTAŞ Abrasive always firsts. Our company, which holds the leadership of the sector, is constantly renewing itself with its innovation and R&D investments.

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Samtaş Abrasiv

High quality

We produce high quality products with 48 years of experience.

Special production

We produce special products for your company..

R & D

We are constantly renewing ourselves with our R&D studies.


All our products are certified and approved.

Long lasting

The longest lasting products with 48 years of R&D and studies.

March 14, 2020

What should be Considered during Wiping

Epoxy or other filling materials applied on marble/tile should not be frozen. The epoxy, which is not frozen, sticks to the surface of the abrasivin, causing […]
March 14, 2020

Samtaş Brings Marbles

“SAMTAŞ BRİNGS MARBLES“ SAMTAŞ ABRASIVE INDUSTRY Samtaş ABRASIV industry, founded in 1972 by Doctor Özkan IŞKÜDEN, the master of geology, has been producing a wide range […]
March 14, 2020

What is synthetic Velox II

What is synthetic Velox II ? Samtaş Abrasiv has created Velox II type abrasivi as a result of 40 years of R & D studies by […]